Nepal is known as for its highest peak in the world. It is one of the most popular travels preference among all travels all around the world, so you should plan for Nepal Tour Package at once time, you can see the nature of its that are very beautifully and greenly place. Wildlife of Nepal is divided into two categories common and protective. Protective species refers to those that are commonly spotted in the wildlife i.e. leopards, spotted dear, blue sheep among others, Nepal’s geography is very peaceful and interesting than all other country. Nepal is the land of Himalayas and is the inland country where are some mountains, hills region. Low land begins from 250 meters to 900 meters range from sea level. Mountain peak begin range from 3000 meters to 8850 meters like as Mount Everest. You should visit in Nepal Everest base camp which is the most electrifying, exciting and challenging trek for the trek lovers. There are many national parks in which several types of wild animals and birds can be observed with a lot of electrifying jungle activities.

Nepal has become a loving vacation destination in the world. Since many people are adopting for survival and many people are come here for spend their time with their partner, friends and families. Nepal is the best place to the vacation seekers. These two Chitwan and Bardia National parks have become the great attractive for those tourists. If you want to visit to Nepal, you should be plan a trip from India to Nepal because India is very nearly located at a short distance from Nepal. It may be very promiscuous and well to do trip for you. Air, Road and Train routes are the most desirable pick hence you can choose the decent option as per your pick there so many travelling agencies online which are providing various kind of facilities with your tour package with low budget as you will be selected. Every traveler wants to luxury accommodation & full deftness hotels, world class agreeableness, tasty nutrient and much more. Wish you very happy holiday trip all of you and I wish you will choose Travels2nepal, a traveling agency to book Nepal Tourist Packages in advance , is the best way for travelling from India to Nepal.


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